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Folie Manuguerra

Architect: Tania Concko, Tania Concko Architects Urbanists

An art intervention, a design of floor and wall surfaces in the entrance hall of the public-residential building of the Folie Manuguerra project.

Folies - 21st-century architectural follies / Montpellier, France

B1A4 / Zac BRUNESEAU - Paris Rive Gauche, Social residency

30 m × 2,4 m

Client: SICRA Île-de-France 

Architect: Tania Concko, Tania Concko Architects Urbanists.

A mural created in collaboration with artist Idris Woodroffe.

B1A4-Tania-Conko, @Jerome Fleurier.



Installation with sound
Sound, foam board, wood
360 × 28 × 24 cm

Collaborative project with the Organization 28 Too Many London

Twenty typical Victorian houses in a typical London street.
In support of 137,000 and more women and girls in the UK who have undergone FGC/M.

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