Maša was born and raised in Slovenia. Her family was affected by the Bosnian war which forced her parents to flee the country in 1992. Whilst growing up, listening to war stories sparked her interest in human behavior, and has over time become an ongoing theme in her work. From young age, Maša started as a surrealist painter.

In 2014, she studied Fine Art at the Art House College in Ljubljana. Here she learned a traditional approach to fine art. After two years, she realized that this approach to art failed to express her interest.

In 2016, she decided to continue her study at the Art Academy London. A different approach to art, allowed her to reevaluate her practice. Being influenced by Julian Wild and Lynne Abrahamson, two tutors at the academy, Maša’s work shifted from two to three dimensions.

Currently she is exploring the world of sculpture and installation. Using a spectrum of materials, she expresses her concern on various cultural, social and political issues.


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