Fine Artist


    Maša's interest lies in challenging what is considered 'ordinary'. She explores this idea by dissecting experiences, memories and stories of ordinary life to make them feel uncanny, creating a moment of absurdity. The absurd arises from the conflict between that which we believe we see and the reality behind it.

Through experimenting with layering mixed surfaces and media, she represents different viewpoints of singular experiences and allows their realities to coexist. She attempts to depict an accumulation of perspectives: a super reality - wherein the things we think we know stand conflicted with their purpose, as well as their strange chaotic nature. 

Introduction into exhibited work 

For a long time I wanted to create a body of work about Bosnian war in the 90’s. I was born in 1993 in Slovenia to parents who fled from Bosnia to Slovenia at the end of 1992. As a child I grew up listening to war and after war stories but not being able to understand them. Now as a ‘grown woman’ I found myself still trying to make a sense of those same stories I heard thousands of times. I now realise that no matter how old I get, and how many times I hear them, I will never fully understand them. What drove me to create this work is a combination of a need, probably more correctly an obsession to understand and be a part of the family in the way I luckily never will be.

'The fourth cup of coffee'


©2019 by Maša Travljanin

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