Fine Artist



My work is an investigation of human behaviour in relation to modern social norms. It is a critical view of cultural, social and political issues, such as identity, self image, female sexuality and female/male circumcision.

Using various materials such as textile, latex, wood, clay, foam board, cardboard and metal, I create sculptures and installations. I depict familiar everyday objects, each with a specific function or use. Carefully chosen materials for creating the objects are deliberately unsuitable for their function.

To allow for a more personal level of engagement with the issue, I like to invite the viewer to physically interact whit the work. The objects and a physical action are there for to question the objects purpose and its relation to the viewer.


The work is often an attempt to search for the answer of “why we do what we do?”



Graduate Show – Degree Show Comes South
Baptist Church, Sussex Rd, Hayward Heath

©2019 by Maša Travljanin

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